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King 5 Evening Feature

Excitement filled the air as the vibrant hues of my Pacific Northwest bird murals took center stage on the latest episode of King 5 Evening! It was an honor and a dream come true to showcase my passion for mural art and the breathtaking avian wonders of this unique region. Capturing the essence of the Pacific Northwest's diverse bird species has been a journey of love and creativity. Each mural tells a story of the rich biodiversity that graces our skies. Being featured on King 5 Evening provided an incredible platform to share this narrative with a wider audience. The interview delved into the inspiration behind my work, exploring the connection between art and nature. Painting these murals isn't just...

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An Aromatic Trip To Sequim, WA

Last weekend, we decided to take a day trip up to Sequim, WA for the Lavender Festival. It was about a 2 hour drive, but it was totally worth it. There were Lavender farms spread out across the town with all types of Lavender scented and flavored goods for sale. Sequim is a very unique place because it stays sunny and arid throughout the year due to its position at the downwind base of the Olympic Mountains. This placement results in a meteorological phenomenon known as a "rain shadow” and therefore makes it the perfect place to grow Lavender. After spending almost a full day there, picking our own Lavender, and sampling a few cups of Lavender lemonade, we deemed...

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